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Pur Faucet Mount Replacement Water Filter - Basic 2 Pack

This is a peerless deal on a genuine oem Pur rf-3375 max ion Basic Replacement Faucet filters 2 Pack filter, you can get them at a discounted price. This set includes 2 sets of filers.

Pur Rf-3375 Replacement Water Filter

Our Pur rf-3375 Replacement water filter is 2-pack dual action Basic and is designed to improve water quality by removing all forms of bacteria and bacteria growth, including: coliform, e coli, and this filter is excellent for a variety of faucets, including: water filters, kitchen faucets, household faucets, undercounter faucets, and faucets, this is an 2-pack of Pur water filter Replacement rf-3375. It is a good opportunity to get a new water filter in case that your own home, this is a good surrogate for you if you want to keep your water clean and your family healthy. The rf-3375 is a good water filter for people of all families, it is an enticing substitute for people who wish to keep their home clean and their family healthy. It includes a Mount for your Faucet and a filter for your water bottle, this can help keep your water clean and clear. This is an 2 Pack of fresh Replacement Faucet filters for you faucet, they are 2 inch by. 8 inch Pack and will fit faucets, the packs come with a base and handle.